Sync Aeros Loop Studio with Macbook Pro DAW's


I am trying to configure the Aeros to work with my M2 Macbook Pro. I am using both Logic Pro and Ableton ( for studio and live applications, respectively) and have read you can sync the midi clock info from both DAW’s to the Aeros.

I am using an Apogee Symphony I/O, which does not have MIDI IN/Out. How else can I connect the Aeros to the Macbook? Would USB work? Does Aeros support MIDI over bluetooth? The latter would be amazing…

I also have an Akai MPK249 with MIDI IN/OUT… Could I use this as a pass through?

Thanks in advance!

There’s hope. Look up “Sample Accurate Clock” specifically for syncing DAWs to external gear. It uses a dedicated Audio Output from your interface, no MIDI required on the computer. Even if you had MIDI I/O on the Computer for sending and receiving, MIDI Clock is not as tight or reliable coming from a multi-tasking computer as the audio stream will be.

What is Sample Accurate Clock?

There are a couple main choices for this kind of thing. A high priced unit by ERM called Multiclock, which is currently not on shelves because the company has announced its closing earlier this year (I hear they may be coming back with a new name near the end of the year, but we’ll have to wait and see), and the one that I’m currently making called CLOCKstep:MULTI: