Sync Aeros with Ableton

Hi there, in its current state, would I be able to sync the Aeros with Ableton Live, as a midi slave, for syncing tempo?


Should be doable! It will respond to MIDI Start/Stop and CC102 value0-127 next part transition messages. It also can receive tempo and time signature info, to understand how, it may be best to look at how the BeatBuddy does it. Check out this list of BeatBuddy CC commands, go down to the out commands maybe it will be helpful to you. Let us know what you discover with the test run!

Okay, thanks, I will give it a shot as soon as my Aeros arrives and reply to this thread.

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Ableton midi out will send tempo and start/stop for me. But when I clear all tracks with the Aeros stop button, for example to start a new musical idea from scratch, I’ve got to stop and start the Ableton transport or else Aeros will be in sync with the beat but not the measure.

Now that I think about it, the same applies when using midi-in from the Beat Buddy.

Any suggestions?

There’s not much to do here given that the Aeros doesn’t “know” where the other devices are, the best thing you can do is modify when the MIDI Start command is sent from the master device.

There are some pitfalls in this case, but really that is a downside of MIDI 1.0, MIDI 2.0 may be able to address this issue with the ability for inter-device communication, but unfortunately we designed the Aeros before MIDI 2.0 existed (as far as we knew).