Sync BB to Boss rc 505 mk1

505 Manual said to use 505 as master, I have ordered the singular midi lead (expensive) hoping someone can help me set up, I’m midi newbie, need simples ha

Hey there, please write to for help getting started up, but you can also read the manual for the BeatBuddy and the manual for the MIDI Maestro (which contains a MIDI section that is very thorough)

Thanks for the question!

Hiya yes thanks for info, I have the midi cable now, and have managed to sync BB to rc 505. First issue if ya run BB audio into 505 it records drums everytime, so, BB output only to pa now… The pause button bit scary ya have to hit it back in at correct time or not in sync. Had to turn BB intro off, as impossible to restart to tracks with it on… Ha getting there