Sync BB with analogic looper

Is there a Midi box to sync the beatbuddy with the analog looper signal?

I’ve found some boxes to convert and send Midi by trs. I’d like to know if exists any one thats receiving a mono signal from a looper and converts in Midi to sync in a BB.

Hi. I tend to read post, then reply. But your post is interesting. At first glance, I assumed it was ironic since BeatBuddy is already MIDI capable. But after reading it a few times, I think I understand what you’re asking. And, if so, what you seek is pretty rare/unique in my opinion. Here’ goes…

Years ago I wanted to sync my BeatBuddy with the DigiTech Trio, which is a non MIDI but analog looper. I searched high and low and found this cool small device that does just that. Syncs both Analog and MIDI together. I purchased the SoundBITE micro. I purchased it back in 2017 and find it surprising their site is still active and maybe they are still producing their 3 product line. To be honest, I have never found anything remotely close to what this device does. I think it’s because most products adopted MIDI, therefore it’s almost obsolete to sync Analog to MIDI. The company is in the UK.

I’m going to post here what I wrote in 2017, to another website I follow frequently. I don’t use the device as much anymore but from time to time I do and it’s amazing because it works by beat detection from the analog side, and sync’s it to the MIDI clock. There are drift controls to tweak it on the fly, and it’s small handheld side. I would say no bigger than a TV remote control. It’s a rechargeable device.


I decided to make things interesting at my end. I’m probably not alone when I say, I also have a BeatBuddy and wouldn’t it be nice to sync the DigitechTrio and BB. The Trio we know, does not support Midi. I recently purchased a SoundBiteMicro and having some success with it. It’s handy and the more I experiment with it I can sync my Trio and BB.

The site doesn’t showcase much in terms of videos, but you can check the support PDF out. I will say, I had a very personable shopping experience since they are in the UK and handled my transaction via PayPal. The product arrived within 7 days, and the packaging was well done.

With a device like this I can see how it’s in the live DJ’s arsenal.

Trio Headphone out to the SoundbiteMicro Audio IN
BB MIDI to SoundBite Micro MIDI. They provide a special MIDI cable

The device has live beat detection coming from the Trio. You can see the Tempo on the BB adjusting accordingly. The device has additional features to allow you to manually get creative by creating loops and also dialing in the sync beat if it’s off.

There is some drift sometimes and I think this happens more often when I include the Trio’s Bass. There is some learning curve to pair up the appropriate BB style with the Trio. But the more I play it, I find some good matches. And, of course since BB’s stereo imaging is better, you get a nice enhance mix between both devices. Once I have both device going in sync I am pleasantly surprised it remains in sync when I decided to switch between different Trio styles. Also, instead of outputting the Trio’s drums to the Micro, i turned it down and sent the Bass signal only. The SoundBite detects and establishes a beat form the Bass too.

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Wow, Jeff…
I think is exactly it!

I’ll try to deal it to delivery in Brazil.

By the way…i was think about to buy a trio pedal to sync with BB, but i think is so risk using the loop bass at live. I’ll analyze the possibilities of it too!!!

Thanks and congrats by solve your question!!!

I would not trust both devices to behave properly in a live setting. It can be too complicated to control.

To this day, I wonder why DigiTech did not make the Trio+ with a MIDI capable connection. It’s a great pedal for laying down ideas as it will add Bass and Drums, and there’s the Looper option. Using the footswitch opens up many options. See if you can purchase the Trio+ used, to save yourself some money. Fun product.

I also own the DigiTech SDRUM pedal and use it frequently since it allows you to tap your drum beats with two pads; bass and snare. Or it can learn the beats from your guitar strumming. Add a 3 switch pedal, and you can do more.

The SDRUM uses 1/8th inch MIDI OUT, and you can run the out to BeatBuddy MIDI IN. When starting your SDRUM song/beat, it triggers BeatBuddy in sync. At this point, BB’s tempo will change when changing it on the SDRUM. Finding the right BB song/beat with your SDRUM can give you some excellent drums, especially since both pedals are stereo. It sounds like you have two drummers. Both have Fill capabilities. The SDRUM can store up to 32 songs and can be obtained at a lower price sometimes. It does not require using the SoundMICRO, and does not include Bass or Looper capabilities, like the Trio. I believe both products are probably legacy products by now.

Something to keep in mind. Drum and Beat machines have become very affordable and since everything is MIDI, it’s pretty amazing how creative you can get by syncing multiple Beat devices together. It may be cheaper to find a MIDI capable drum machine instead of investing in the SoundMICRO.

A personal irony for me. I rarely use my BeatBuddy because I find the SDRUM to be more flexible with laying down Beat ideas on the device directly within a minute. And, after playing music for so many years especially Pop and Rock, you realize how the songs fall into the same drum pattern. With the 32 saved presets you create, they can be used also for over 100 other songs. The knobs don’t require deep diving into a settings screen menu, and you can change between 6 different drum sets and styles on the fly within a second, the drums are balanced, there are buttons to level out subtle drum beats, adjust swing, 3/4 & 4/4 timing, specify a busy or simple beat, high hats, tom toms, shakers, etc. Allow without having to mess with software. The knobs are right there!

While the BeatBuddy has its strengths, I’m in silent protest with singular for not supporting it better by keeping up with the BeatBuddy manager software. I feel taken advantage of as a customer because they have profited from many of their forum users who have gone above and beyond to help the company with support, and to use the pedal in ways not first imagined. It’s insulting, unethical and demonstrates they put their self interest before their customers at times. That said, I am a forgiving person and if they deliver on requested improvements, I will be what you call a happy customer.

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Nice suggests! The singular sound could to offer a better service post-selling. I think many simple questions are possibles like drag, copy-paste files, mixing drumsets, convert midi files, and other things that could be easily changed to improve the life of your musician customer.
I think that philosophy to offer “a plate with no meal” (an analogy to the BB without rhythms), can be danger, because its customers continue searching the better, faster, cheaper and (mainly) easier device.

i’ll think about your ideas!