Sync BB with Boss RC300

Has anyone had any luck syncing the BB to a Boss RC300? Thanks for any insight. Russ

I had an RC300 which I was trying to sync with my BB. The drawback is the RC300 needs to be the master and I found they were always drifting. The RC300 is fantastic but just wasn’t going to do what I wanted it to. I sold it and bought an Aeros last week and haven’t had any syncing problems at all.

There are quite a few posts on here talking about connecting to the rc300 regarding success or failure. I do recall you might be able to get clock sync if you turn on the rc300’s rhythm machine. This forces the looper to put the necessary info into the midi output. You can set the volume to 0.

The following post may be helpful. You’ll want to read that whole thread, as there’s a voice live 3 in the mix too

HI. I’m using the BeatBuddy with the RC-300 but the major issue I have now is to be able to control the master volume of the BeatBuddy through the expression pedal in the RC-300, don’t know how to sync the 108 CC, any suggestions?
I managed to start both the way I needed with a second cable out of the second button on the external pedal so, one mono jack to the RC-300 as external switch and the normal stereo one to the BeatBuddy but both react with the same button. I set this button as main pedal in the BB. Also importan! You can’t use the original SingularSound external pedal as Boss works with permanently closed circuit, so need the BeatBuddy to recognise the permanently closed one and set it to start at press, no release. Need to bear all this in mind! Hope it helps!!!.
I have another very useful information regarding to the BeatBuddy and is the latin rhythms but I made it in Spanish (my first language), for a friend so, copied and paste lol. Will need to translate. sorry :neutral_face:
Hola Tony! Solo una observación. En los ritmos de son cubano la clave a veces se cambia después de usar los “fills in”. Está debido a que por defecto separaron el dos y el tres de la clave cada uno en un compás diferente. Yo hice mis propias marchas pero agrupando todo el esquema de la clave (tuve que hacer ambos, 2/3 y 3/2) en un solo compás, voila!, funcionó. Espero le ayude a otros que se hallan percatado del problema. Un saludo