Sync Beatbuddy, Looper and Onsong at the same time

I have Beatbuddy, ditto looper 4x and Onsong app in my ipad. Is possible to sync all to beatbuddy? I mean, sync with midi the looper and beatbuddy (i dont want tempo issues live lol) and have the bluethoot option working in onsong? (I have tempo, and patch codes in each song). Also i have all the cables (bluethoot cable and midi cable for BB). I will appreciate a lot your help, im a newby. Thanks!

I ran across your post as I was having the same problem. I solved it. I hope you have. Here’s a video to show the hook up.

Yes, you can!
I sync my BB to my DittoX4, and also to my Synth/keyboard.
I don’t have the BlueTooth thingy, but here’s how do:
BB midi ‘out’ to DittoX4 ‘in’, then, DittoX4 ‘out’ to your iPad (set Onsong sync to external).