Sync beatbuddy to TC X4

i just purchased a TC X4 looper. All connected up with a MIDI cable, BB is the master running to the input of the X4. The TC led flashes in time with the BB. But on playing back the loop, the loop is always 2-3 counts out of sync with the BB. Any ideas? Thanks.

I found this on a TC Forum. It’s from February. I don’t know how helpful it is:

Hi Everyone

I have a BeatBuddy and I’m using it in sync with the X4. Just make sure BeatBuddy clock sync is enabled and use a proper MIDI cable to take the signal from it to the Ditto X4 (No other configuration needed, the sync even works without updating the X4’s firmware to 1.1)

I also use the MIDI commands sent from Line 6 Helix to control the Start/Play/Stop on the Ditto X4.

hope this helps,