Sync cable between BB and Aeros

Just bought the Aeros on Sweetwater but the breakout cable is backordered to end of January? I do not need the split to connect to another MIDI unit. Is there another cable I can use to sync between the BB and the Aeros? Thanks!

Probably not a ready-made commercially available item but forum users have posted their homemade cables. Try searching the forum for ps2 or ps/2. You’ll most likely still need another MIDI patch cable to connect to the MIDI Sync Adapter cable that you assemble.

Let us know what you come up with.

I have a Yamaha Reface CP which has a MIDI breakout cable, too. From the jacks, it looks the same as the one for the BB, but I don’t know if it’s electrically the same. You can find it as Yamaha Tenori On MIDI breakout cable as well. If you’re lucky, it’s some sort of standard: The BB side jack seems to be called Mini-DIN-6 or Mini-DIN in short.

The BB breakout cable looks a bit more robust, though: the Yamaha part is a bit shorter, more lightweight, but has slimmer cables. Nobody would need to put it on the floor on a keyboard…

I haven’t played with the MIDI features for now, so I can’t tell if both cables are exchangable. And is the breakout cable for the Aeros the same as the one for the BB?