Sync issues on recorded songs

When I start a previously recorded song, the first part is out of sync between the beat buddy and Aeros. I can transition to part 2 and it is in sync. I can then transition back to part 1 and it is now in sync. It is only out of sync when I start it from being stopped. This particular song doesn’t have an intro fill so I’m not sure if the beat buddy and Aeros are just starting at different times because of that or what.

Hi there, what version of each device are you using?

Are you using any other device with the two or are you using them together only?

Thanks for reporting

I have the BB and Aeros on the latest firmwares for each.

I’m using a Samsung galaxy tablet to send MIDI signals to the BB, Aeros and a Voicelive 3 extreme. The BB gets the MIDI signal from the tablet and it passes it through to the Aeros, which then passes it through to the VLX3.

Guitar signal goes into the VLX3, then to Aeros, then to BB, then out to the PA system.

And I have the MIDI sync enabled between the two. It doesn’t happen on every song.

I saved about 139 songs in the beat buddy by taking the template songs, exporting them and renaming them, then importing them back into the BB on the SD card in a different folder.

I saved a song in the Aeros for each song too, enabled the MIDI song select for each one and all have different identifiers so the tablet does the song selecting for each device.

It’s quite frustrating because I find myself having to spend 30 minutes to an hour to record these loops due to the playback issue. I’ve basically started laying the first loop and second loop, stop the song, play it back and make sure it’s not out of sync when I start it and then I go from there. I would suck to build these 139 songs and then something happens to wear all of them are playing out of sync for some reason.