Sync issues

Have purchased a download and imported it to BBmanager but cannot sync as it is not highlighted. This is my first attempt. Do I have to put dad card in my Mac or connect BB to Mac. Help please.

Not sure I understand, but, assuming you have imported material into your BBM and you want to synch it to your SD card on your BB, there is one reason I can think of that will prevent a synch: Your SD card may not be what the BBM thinks is your sych device. Try doing an Export first. If that works, your synch will work from there.

Let us know how that works out.

This is a known Mac/BB problem. Often on the Mac, synchronize is grayed out. It may stay working during a session once it shows as not grey/available.

The workaround is to use the Export>Project>to SD card. Write this to the card you want to use in your BB. When prompted whether you want to overwrite the existing project on the card, select yes. Then, get up, have a beer, glass of water, chill for a few minutes. When you come back to the Mac, you will have a prompt box asking if you want to link the project for future synchronization. Select yes. The project is then on your SD card. When you remove it from the Mac and use it in your BB, chances are it will not show as available for synchronization, once again. Just follow this process every time you want to synchronize and synchronize show as not available.