Sync option greyed out bb manager

I have installed the bb manager. Set up a project, imported some ZZ top beats. Which now show in the left column of BBM When I go to file- sync, sync it is greyed out and I can’t select it. When I put the card back in the bb, the new files are not there

Use File > Export to SD card, and be patient. It takes awhile. The sync issue is a known bug.

Hopefully the opensource BB Manager implementation comes out with a release and fixes this.

Note that the export generally clobbers the settings directory on the SD card. You can copy that folder to some backup location, do the export, and then replace the settings folder with the copied version. If you never change the settings on the BB, you can ignore this.

Alternately the sync will work … if you never exit the BB Manager program. That’s not for me…

Pain, ain’t it.

Thanks guys, that worked. The sync button now works as well. Will I have the same problem when I load new songs in?
Thanks Rog

Your correct.while I was in bbm the sync worked. When I exited it and went back in the sync was greyed out again !!
I wander does everybody else have this problem. If so I can’t believe it hasn’t been fixed by now.
I also noticed the bbm software was last updated July 2016

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Believe it.