Sync Project to SD Card video explanation

I’ve done lots of workarounds to get it right. Here’s where it all came together.

Right around the 2 minute mark is where all the secrets of ther SD Card universe start to be revealed.

Although the author explains it in terms of Windows (shudder), it works exactly as described on my MacBook Pro.

I have found that when going back to load additional drumkits, etc., the “Synchronize” choice on the File menu is grayed out.

(I’ve seen a thread, or two regarding this behavior.)

With BBM still open, I

  • reformatted the SD card
  • exported the project to the card
  • answered “yes” to the “future synchronization” prompt.

Then, all was well, I was able to Synchronize.

This happened 2-3 more times, and my above method corrected it.

It shouldn’t be that way, but it is.

Is there a more permanent solution?