Sync the two tracks together in the Part?

I’m using the Pigtronix infinity and you can sync the loops in serial or parallel mode
So ex: I play on loop 1 and launch the record on loop 2 , loop 2 get sync with loop 1 when the same length is reach.
Can I find that on the Aeros, cause I need to tap the play switch when I come to the end of the track 1?


This is in the Song Settings, open any empty song, edit the song (click the pencil on the Loop Studio screen), and set the Sync Tracks setting to Sync Start and Length. If you want tracks that start at different times but have similar lengths, set it to Sync Length only.

This can also be set when creating a new song. This cannot be changed for songs that have already been recorded to.

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks for the question

Hello Brennan
No don’t work !
What I mean, maybeI explain this wrong (english is not my language)
When you play a track (the first one)
And you record the second track, when this track reach the end of the loop One, this second track sync automaticaly with the first one, on the same length
Like the Pigtronix infinity do,
With this you don’t need to push the footswitch to close the recording

I see,

There is currently no automatic record commit, you must always press play to commit a recording.

Ok tx

My pleasure :slight_smile: