Sync to Me

I have a feature request to present to the group and Singular if they are reading this. What I am after is to have both the Aeros and Beatbuddy “Sync to Me”. What I want to be able to do is record a loop. Have the loop start playback. As playback starts Aeros deduces the tempo from the time signature setting and a new song level setting for bars in first loop. Aeros then sends the start message and the deduced tempo to Beatbuddy at the end of the loop’s first repeat. I’ve used software looping and drum machine to do this in the past. It is very nice for songs that open without drums. It is outstanding for improvising and song writing. You can just start playing and have the gear come in when you have something worth looping and sync right up with that first loop.

There are two related features which have value on their own but also support the “Sync to Me”.

A global or song level setting to set the stop button to delete all tracks when pressed. I’m a live looper and never save tracks.

A song level setting for slave master allowing both units to be connected to both MIDI in and out. Cable swapping between songs is a bummer.