Sync with TC Helicon Voice Live Touch 2

Newbie, Newbie, Newbie that is what I am when it comes to MIDI I am wondering if it is possible to have the pause on BB pause a loop I have running in my Voice Live? Also can the BB control the delay timing on the TC? I have set the TC to look at several different channels but nothing happens, I have the TC MIDI port connected to the OUT MIDI on the BB MIDI cable. I have a feeling this question is like asking Eric Clapton to show me lead guitar as I just bought my first guitar! If I am being an idiot or am completely clueless please dont hold back and try to be nice to me … any help is appreciated



Greetings Daniel,

TC Helicon says that this is an option with Voicelive Touch 2.

I have one myself and wondered the same thing. With that being said, I couldn’t seem to get the unit to sync with my beatbuddy (Not like it does with my Infinity Looper). However, I am going to be honest when I say that I didn’t spend a whole lot of time trying to make it work…

I will do some more digging and if I find any useful information, I will post it to this forum.


Actually… This is an Excerpt from the Manual. So it looks like it will only sync to Beats… Not bars… Still, it should theoretically allow some syncing… I will try it tonight to see how it works…

Synching loops to MIDI Clock VoiceLive Touch 2 can sync to MIDI Clock received at either its USB or physical MIDI inputs. This allows you to make new loops and play them back in time with a computer audio sequencer (DAW), a drum machine or an arranger keyboard. Note that MIDI Clock is not MIDI Time Code (MTC), which VoiceLive Touch 2 does not support.
– Connect VoiceLive Touch 2 to your DAW or MIDI Clock source via USB or physical MIDI cable.
– When using the physical MIDI In on Touch 2, set the MIDI CTRL setting in the MIDI page of the Setup menu to MIDI. Otherwise, leave it set to Merge.
– Ensure that your clock source is set to transmit MIDI Clock to VoiceLive Touch 2.
– Set MIDI Tempo in the Setup menu Metronome page to Slave.
– Set Met:Off in the Loop Tools menu to On or Shh.
– Initiate playback on your clock source.
– Record and play back loops as you would using the Metronome. Your Record and Play button presses will be quantized to the closest beat. Note that VoiceLive Touch 2 syncs to beats only, not bars.