Synching from Manager Resets Preferences on Pedal


I was very happy to see the addition of the ability to “start on press” to the BB functionality. But I use BB Manager a lot, and every time I synch to the SD card (plugged into my PC rather than updating over USB), it resets the pedal to start on release.

Weird, huh?

Not a big deal now that I l know what’s going on, but I wouldn’t say no to having that fixed.



The BeatBuddy manager software 1.32 has a settings tab, check the settings in there. When you are synchronising it is transferring those settings across, could you check if that could be the case?

As 1.32 came out before the firmware update, it probably does not have those settings and will be fixed in the next version which is currently being tested.

Hmm… Having same issue but with Accent level not saving.