Synching with looper pedal

Have become painfully aware that there is no possible way to synch my ditto x2 looper pedal with the beatbuddy. I actually thought it would be possible with out a midi synch but after trying, I realized there is no way to get it right. So yes I use a simple looper pedal and just want it to synch with the drums. Is the only recourse to spend another $300-400 on a pigtronix infinity or boomerang 3? No other “cheaper” looper pedals will work? I mean, I just don’t need to have all the features of those pricey loopers. Its frustrating and I don’t have the money for these. Everytime I buy something, some unknown comes up where I need to spend hundreds more dollars to make it work right.

I’m not much of a looper, but I will say the looper you choose must be able to sync with a clock. I was originally trying to use the Ditto X4 looper which synced to the BB using a midi cable. It worked really well, but found that I just don’t do enough looping to use all of the features of the X4. So I’ve now switched to the Ditto Jam X2 which syncs using an external mic to listen for drums. However, I’ve got it setup that I plug the headphone jack of the BB into the Jam X2 instead of using the mic on the pedal. Seems to work well… I just don’t practice looping enough. There are probably other user setups on here that are way more advanced than what I’m using… best of luck.

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If you have iPad try Qantiloop app? Still need Midi cable but seems that is fully supporting BB. Good luck with this problem. By the way even if looper ‘syncs’ via Midi make sure it can be started and stopped also by Midi - not like my $$$ Voice Live 3, Doh!

Thanks for the responses guys. Shawno, I like the idea with ditto jam x2. Did not know this existed and had synching capabilities.

If you plug into to beatbuddy headphone jack does this cut the main output sound?

Anyone else using the ditto jam x2 through the headphone jack like this?

Hi @Eastbound,
No, plugging a cable into the BB headphone jack does not cut the main output sound.

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I don’t know about a Dittox2, but I’m syncing BB with a Dittox4 and it’s spot on. It took some time to figure out how to make my setup work but it’s very stable.

I’m linking my iPad running OnSong which sends midi info wireless to a PUC (there’s an app to connect the iPad to the PUC), PUC connected to BB via the IN of the MIDI Sync Breakout Cable, the OUT of the MIDI Sync Breakout Cable is connected to the IN out the Dittox4.

Maybe the MIDI Sync Breakout Cable is the trick.

Good luck.

OK, I know this is batted around on here a hundred different ways, but I still need clarification. I’ve narrowed to Ditto, and I’d prefer the lower price and smaller footprint of the Ditto Jam x2 over the x4. I see some on here saying the x2 struggles to sync with syncopated beats. I’m not given to playing in odd meters, but would it have trouble with the funk beats or the latin rhythms like bossa nova that are in BB? Those I definitely want to be able to play. My taste runs the gamut from blues to soul, funk, jazz. Will I be disappointed if I get the x2? Thanks for any new or clearer insights!

I had your same problem, I spent a lot of time to find something cheap but unfortunately there isn’t something cheaper except ditto X2 , luckily I found an used Pigtronix Infinity at a good price and I can say it works very well.
I’m not sure but maybe another solution it can be to sync the BB with a soundcard with midi in and do loops in a daw, not sure it works but a good soundcard it’s cheaper than a looper.
If someone confirm this it can be a cheaper solution than to buy a looper I think

Thanks to those who’ve given input regarding the Ditto options. A distinction here, I know the regular Ditto x2 will not sync with BB, but I’m talking to folks who have great success with the Jam x2 with “beat sensing.” Another tip, I joined “Beat Buddy Owners Group” on Facebook. Asked my same questions there. The kindest gentleman in Dublin saw my post and reached out. He actually made little sample videos for me using various beats I inquired about! Several funk beats and latin beats. Jam x2 worked great. On one beat, it had the slightest trouble syncing and he helped it along with the tap tempo. The Ditto Jam x2 with lower price and smaller footprint is gonna be the one for me. I should note, I’m not using it for live performance, just jamming and creating at home. Hope this helps someone else.


I’m not a big looper person, but I use the Jam x2 and so far it seems to work extremely well. The only thing I’ve noticed is that if you’re trying to get a loop started at the beginning of a song, you need more than just a hi-hat to get it on the right track (say from a count-in). It appears to need the kick drum (possibly snare would work) to get a rock solid beat sync going. I originally had a Ditto X4 and it seems to work just as well as that one did in terms of keeping sync.

Please we need help on this issue from beatbuddy tech. Update please. I know you guys have the aeros now but not everyone can afford that!