Synchronise Project greyed out

I’m having trouble synchronising between BBM on my Mac and my SD card and I think I’m just not fully understanding how it works.

I have the complete collection in my BBM and have added a few songs to it that I have downloaded through the forum. I then exported the entire project to my SD card and selected the box to say that I wanted to be able to synchronise it. The SD card then has everything on it and works fine in the pedal.

If I then make changes within BBM on my Mac, I take the SD card out and plug it into my Mac but when I go to the ‘File’ part of the menu, ‘Synchronise Project’ is greyed out and the only way I can update the SD card is to wipe it and export again.

Am I missing something here in that this is not how the Synchronise facility works or could there be something wrong in my set up? The BB Workspace is in the ‘Documents’ folder but ‘Documents’ is within the iCloud drive. Is that right, or should it be a separate folder on my hard drive?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Most of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) issues have been identified and posted to this forum. Use the search function and you should come up with an answer; key search words that might help are “grayed out”, “synchronize”, etc Mac Sierra users

Thanks. Looks like I just have to re-export it all each time. Takes ages but it gets there!

The workaround is to not quit the BBM or restart your computer. That doesn’t suit all users though. Apps like Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper allow you to clone your project from your computer to your SD card in a matter of second. The last option is to wait for Singular Sound to release a fix that doesn’t break other functionality :face_with_thermometer: