synchronising jamman looper and beatbuddy seems possible

Turned on the midi clock by choosing midi-out on settings. But still not working. Does it have to be the specific midi cable supplied by beatbuddy?

Got sync man connected and flashing. It seems to sync with looper. How can you remove tempo count in, when jamman looper is in sync mode? Really annoying when trying to record loops. Thanks

Hello! Looking for some tips using the syncman with the jamman xt…I can’t get them to sync…any pecil

Looking for some tips here as well. I can’t seem to get the JamMan Solo XT to sync with the beatbuddy…How do you have the JamMan set up? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

You MUST have the Syncman with Firmware v.3.02. Update from Benoît Andru.
Write to Benoît and ask him how update your Syncman.
I had an old version of syncman that you could not upgrade and I had to send it in France for the update.

I found that my SyncMan updated to v3.02 using the updater tool (small Java download from:

I’m selling my Beat Buddy because, while I think it is a good and well-designed product, I’ve decided that using Ableton Live on my laptop with a MIDI footpedal meets more of my needs and I am using the SyncMan to receive MIDI clock from Ableton to syn my JamMan.

As I recall, the key is to make sure your BeatBuddy has the settings changed to send external MIDI clock (can’t remember which setting this is off-hand: check manual) from its MIDI port.

When you power on the Jamman and the Syncman, you can see a solid dot light on in Jamman display and one flashing (in time whit BeatBuddy) in the Syncman. That’s allIf your BB is set to send midi clock to the MIDI OUT port, you don’t have do anything in your jamman xt.

Hello , I would like to sync two Jamman XT, one for vocal and the other one for guitar.
Can you perform, stop, pause and restart with the Syncman ? That could be great if the BB give all the informations to those Digitech pedals.

I don’t have any of that gear., only my BB…maybe it could be great… every thing in sync with my BB.

Thanks in advance.

Interesting topic given the prices of these pieces. What I can gather is that the Syncman could convert the midi clock coming out of the BB into control voltage (not Midi) that controls the beat syncing of the JamMan. The BB can be set to stop clock when it is paused. So the question is, when the JamMan goes from a state of receiving a clock sync voltage signal to receiving no clock sync voltage, does the JamMan stop? (Good) Or, does it continue to play at the rate of the sync that had been present. (Bad) I would suggest asking Digitech some version of that question. I’ve always gotten good support from them.

Thanks Phil. I wrote the same question to Syncman a day before i post in here… didn’t receive an answer yet. I will talk with Digitech as you suggest.