synchronising jamman looper and beatbuddy seems possible

Beatbuddy uses the midi ports for midi synchronising ( edit : to be more precise a ps 2 tot midi cable ) .

Loopers with midi clock ( Boomerang 3 , Infinity, Boss RC 300) are usually rather expensive.

The jamman is not that expensive and can also be synced to other digitech devices but does not have midi ports.
Now I found this device :
It claims that it can sync the beatbuddy and the jamman.

I thought that it would be useful to share this with the forum, so here it is.

Does anybody has experience with this device ? Any opinions ?

Greetings from Belgium (hot, hot , hot ;-))


Did you try it?

Would be cool for a lot of people and would also have been for me, when I buyed BB, but now I will never miss my Infinity!
Anyway thanx for sharing!
Also Dennis:cool::smiley:

No I did not try this but I am curious. In fact after my message I found a post on this forum and one member said it worked but there was one issue when he stopped a song in the beatbuddy and then started again the recorded loop was out of sync by one or more beats. (search for syncman)

Are you completely happy with your infinity ?
And btw : I am Denis with one n!

Hey Denis. COMPLETELY happy with my Infinity. No issues and I really enjoy being able to save and reuse my loops. At one point, thought about buying a Molten Voltage Master Control to sync tempo across my midi pedals, but the Infinity and the BeatBuddy work so well together (at least for me), that the only benefit I could get from the Master Control is to manage the presets across the other midi effects pedals.

I have the SyncMan device and it works great to sync the Beat Buddy (MIDI clock out) with the Digitech JamMan Solo XT! There was a firmware update a month or more ago that resolved issues when pausing and restarting. There is still an issue if you throw in a fill upon restarting (by hitting the main pedal) rather than just restarting with the footswitch.

The SyncMan device ends up making the JamMan a really inexpensive MIDI synced device, especially considering you can daisychain more JamMans off of the one that is slaved to the BeatBuddy

That is great news ! Thanks for your message.
The firmware update you are talking about : is this an update from the jamman or syncman ?

Update on the SyncMan from Benoît Andru. Version x3.02. I don’t know if he has posted it on his website - he emailed it to me based on some reported issues I had. Very responsive!

Hey kir,
I have the SyncMan too but the official FW version (in Benoît site) is the 3.01.
Can you email me the new firmware, please?

Benoît is very responsive. Try him via email at <>. Let me know if you can’r reach him and I’ll grab the firmware update from my other computer later…

Hi kir,
I wrote to Benoit the 28 of july but I haven’t received any reply. :frowning:

Can you email me the new firmware?
Thank you in advance.

sent you a PM. Send me your e-mail address there and I’ll send you the most recent firmware I have (3.02). I had a few questions I emailed to Benoit recently that he has not responded to. Maybe he is on vacation?

Maybe yes…

I bought the syncman and waited 2 weeks to get it and now it does not even power up when I connect a 9V dc adaptor to it! Not happy about it and Benoit has not replied to email. The device looks second hand as well.mmmm

I can’t speak for him. But he has messaged me recently telling me that he is working on some firmware updates for some minor issues I discovered with the Digitech JamMan in particular.

The device requires 9V DC power with tip-negative. Have you double-checked your power supply?

Yes checked power supply and red light is not coming on, when adaptor is connected. Very disappointed. Have left it in the local electrical store to see if they can fix it.

Got syncman fixed. turns out there was a loose lead in the syncman. still no reply from benoit. Next my midi PS2 adaptor does not fit midi sync on beat buddy?? how to you update firmware on the syncman?? How do you connect syncman to jamman and beat buddy? is therea light at the end of tunnel?

Like any MIDI device you want to connect to the BeatBuddy, you need a standard midi cable to plug into the PS2 adapter.

There is a firmware updater program on the Custom Live Electronics/SyncMan website. You just download that and run it from your computer while it is plugged into the SyncMan with a USB/midi adapter.

Got an email back saying 3.01 already installed. Got power but cannot get sync man to start flashing. I have everything connected together but still no sync. Is there anything to be done with jamman to get it to sync?

Also do you need a specific lead from beat buddy in order to sync, with midi in and out? I have a 5-din to 5din with ps2 adaptor attached to midi sync input on beatbuddy…

5-pin MIDI cord connects MIDI Out from BB PS2 adapter to SyncMan MIDI (In) port. There is a setting on the BB that needs to be turned on so that it sends MIDI Clock. Don’t have device or manual with me right now, so can’t look up.

1/8" stereo cord runs from SyncMan to JamMan JamSync In port.