Synchronization BB Ditto x4

I have a problem with my BB and Ditto X4 looper. I obviously use the midi link to synchronize the looper with the BB.
Until now I launched first the BB and then the Ditto, which works very well.
On a new track I want to launch the Ditto right after the intro so at the beginning of the song, which I had never done before.
Once I have recorded the part I want on the Ditto I start it to read the loop. Nothing fancy. Yet the Ditto does not synchronize properly as if it did not receive or interpret the top Midi correctly. The Ditto is temporally shifted. I tried for several hours by pressing quickly, slowly, a little before the end of the intro, on the 2 loopers of the Ditto without success. The same part recorded on the Ditto later is not a problem. Is this a known problem? Am I misusing the BB?

I seem to be having the same problem and it wasn’t there before. I updated the BB firmware to 4.0.1 then went back a version but still doesn’t seem to be working like it did before.

Did you manage to fix your issue and if so, what steps did you take?


I found a solution: I exchanged the Ditto for an EHX 1440 and it works much better :slight_smile: