Synchronization of the helix line 6 lt looper with the beatbuddy

Posted 1 hour ago (edited)

HI !

I am trying to synchronise my beatbuddy with the looper of the helix lt. But it doesnt work. I set my beatbuddy in out mode to midi in of the helix. I set the right chanel and right tempo but it cannot be synchronised. It works with my ditto 4. I cannot pass through my ditto 4 and plug it to the helix because if I loop a rythm as soon as I change snapshot the sound of the rythm changes. If I had a distortion for a solo my looped rythm has the distortion. So the only solution is to synchronised the beadbuddy with the helix,but how???

Thank you !

Apparently the LT looper does not sync to midi clock. The author of the post above suggests using Quantiloop, and provides a description of his setup.