Synchronization point should be selectable


I have been working intensively with MIDI for a few weeks now. In doing so, I have found that there is an additional feature I would like to see in Aeros. I refer to 6x6 songs, which are quantized and synchronized. The configuration of Aeros 5.0 is as follows: Stop and part change at the end of a loop.

When playing songs with the help of Maestro I always make recordings of new parts. I have to be careful not to make the command for the change from recording to playback too early, because the change then happens at the first possible synchronization point. However, many times I want the recording to stop at a later sync point.
My suggestion: Is it possible to give the MIDI command to stop the recording for example the value 2, so that the recording only changes to a playback at the second synchronization point?

Thanks for any feedback.


Hey there, I do understand this but unfortunately you must practice timing to make this work as expected. This is likely never going to be done in the way you are describing in your post.

Thanks for the question!