Synchronize Project does not work anymore !

[B]Edited som new grooves with BBM but I cant get them over to the pedal because the Synchronize Project button is greyed out.

BBM Version

This is EXTREMELY frustrating :([/B]

Quick check:

  • is this the only Project on the SD card? Limit is 1
  • how many songs in your folder? Limited to 99
  • how many folders in your Project?
  • less likely is that you might have run out of space on your SD card

Solved by copying the SONG folder from my PC to the SONG folder on BB

Synchronize Project button still does not work though !

Two more things to try in order then:

    1. from BBM, make a minor edit to a song in your Project; save Project (to your BBWorkspace); export project to SD card; see if you can Sync to SD card; if this doesn’t work, then try the next step
    1. do you have a backup SD card and if so, does it Sync? if so, Export your Project from BBM and Sync so you have the latest files on your backup SD card and try to Sync. If this is good, replace the contents of your main SD card with the contents from your backup SD card

If this doesn’t resolve the problem, Support has suggested in the past that you start fresh with a new SD card.

If the synchronize option is greyed out, this means that your SD card is not linked for synchronization. Export your project to pedal: File > Export > Project to SD Card - select the drive that your SD card is in, and start the process. A prompt window will pop up and ask you if you want to overwrite the project, choose ‘yes’. At the end of the process, it will ask you if you want to link the SD card for all future synchronizations, choose ‘yes’. From here on out you will be able to use the synchronize function with that SD card.

Also as a side note, make sure that the little lever on your SD card is not on ‘locked’ (if it is locked, no changes can be made to the SD card’s content). I don’t suspect that that’s what is happening here, but just letting you know.

It is preferable that you do not manually make changes to the physical folders, and only make changes via the BBManager, exclusively.

[B]I solved it by formating my SD card and saved the project to BB
After that the Sync Project button works again.

The problem is that I don’t know what caused this problem and it’s not the first time it happened ?


I cannot say for sure, but from what you described it seems as if the SD card content got corrupted somehow, and you ended up fixing it by reformatting the card. Try to only make edits exclusively via the BBManager as I previously mentioned, and the issues should not continue. Let us know if they do.

I usually do !
I just copied the songs folder from my PC to the BB card once ( because the “synchronize project” button did not work ) to be able to use my newly edited Songs on the BB and it worked.
Love the new BB Firmware and hope the updated BBM is on it’s way