Synchronize Project Errors

When using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) or 1.6.5 and if when exporting your project to SD card or synchronizing project to SD card, you get an alert box with wording similar to “HASH.BCF does not exist” or “drum set does not exist” here’s what to try:
[]select Abort
]from the BBM menu, select Save Project
[]make sure that the SD card is not locked (slide the shutter button to the front of the card)
]check that you are exporting or synchronizing from the location your BeatBuddy Manager workspace location has been set to (and not a duplicate bbworkspace folder on your computer)
[]check that the size of the project you are trying to export or sync does not exceed the capacity of the SD card e.g., on a Mac you can Get Info on the size of the project (see screen shot)
[]if you’re still getting error messages: you can delete the contents of the SD card (DO NOT FORMAT THE CARD) and empty the contents of your Trash or Recycle Bin and try again; if this doesn’t work, try using a new SD card
]if none of the above works, try opening a Conversation with Support or the moderator