Synchronize Project Greyed out

Hi there. I’m having a problem where the “Synchronize Project” menu option is almost always greyed out. Here’s my workflow:

Start up BeatBuddy Manager. It loads the project from my computer. Whether the SD card is plugged in or not, Synchronize Project is greyed out. So, when I’m done making edits, I choose File>Export>Project to SD Card. When it completes, it asks if I want to link the SD card so I can synchronize in the future. I click yes, and Synchronize project is now click-able until I close BBM.

The next time I open BBM, Synchronize project is greyed out again, regardless of whether the SD card is inserted. Is this how it’s supposed to work? Any tips to keep it from losing track of the SD card after re-launching BBM?

Sounds like you’re using a Mac. Here’s a link to the search results with a laundry listing of the bug and some possible workarounds.