"Synchronize Project" Issues (Mac Monterey)

Hi Folks,
i’m feeling stupid as i don’t get it how to synchronize the BB Manager with the SD-Card in the BB connected via USB Cable. Yes i read the manual and i watched some videos. But in my case the “Synchronize Project” option ist grey and not available.

Should i better copy the files manually?

Please see screenshot attached.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-16 um 11.59.36

Thank you

This is a long-known bug affecting macOS users.

Use the Export - Project to SD card to copy your project to your SD card.

It might be better to use your Mac’s SD slot reader instead of connecting the pedal via USB. Why? The USB data transfer method has been identified by some Mac users as not being very reliable.

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Roger. Thank you @persist .