Synchronize Project Vs. Export to SD

Is this normal behavior? I make some changes in manager 1.64 on a mac. I then typically save the project to my computer and I name it the date for a back up. A screen asks me if I want to link the new project for future synchronization. I click yes.

I then put in my SD card. I try to synchronize the project using the synchronize menu command. It brings up a screen and wants me to locate my project. I select my SD card. It then says something like could not find linked project for synchronization and it tells me to export the project to my SD card instead. I do this and there is not a problem but it just takes forever because I have alot in my manager… Afterwards it asks me if I want to link this project for future synchronization- I say YES

Next I put the card in my beat buddy and I play it for a while. Then lets say I notice I need to to tweak something in a song. So I go back to the manager and make a small tweak like a tempo change etc… I then take my card out of the pedal and put it in my computer. I then go to synchronize the project and it takes me through the same process above…It brings up a screen and wants me to locate my project. I select my SD card. It then says something like could not find linked project for synchronization tells me to export the project to my SD card instead again I wait wait wait and it works no without issue.

In other words it seems it never allows me to use the quicker synchronize method? Any ideas/advice am I doing something wrong?

Based on how I understand what you’ve described, the issue is that you are trying to link your SD card to a project that is located in the Finder and outside of your BBM workspace. Try this:

  • From BBM > Tools > Set Workspace Location (you’re resetting to your actual BBM workspace and not your Finder location)
  • save project; sync to SD card; eject the SD card
  • Save Project As (this becomes your backup) but do not sync
  • make sure BBM is using the project saved in your workspace; you can find this quickly by hovering over the project name in Project Explorer (or clicking on it)

Thanks so when I reset my Workspace area- am I selecting the SD card or area on my Hard Drive? Presently my workspace area is located on my mac within the document folder in my home directory. See Screen shot. [ATTACH]3617[/ATTACH]

Thanks again for the awesome support.

You should be selecting the BBworkspace folder as in your screen shot

I am having an issue with synchronizing as well. I installed the latest BB Manager (I am assuming the latest Firmware is in there). I went to Tools, linked to a new workspace in the new directory, saved project AS, named new project in the new directory. Then when I go to synchronize is says:

Destination project at File is not linked. Use File> Export> Project to SD Card.

Tried exporting and it comes up with an error there too saying I cannot delete the contents on the SD Card.

Lost at this point.


Hi, Wayne. We’re looking into this. Would you allow a remote session so that we can assist you?

Sure, I have Teamviewer or we can use skype.
skype: wnash2004

Wayne, what’s the name of your BeatBuddy project?

NEW Aug 2016 - Project

Not entirely sure yet, but if the project name contains special characters, the SD card will not handle it properly.

Try getting rid of the " - Project" part of the name and see what happens.

I changed it to NEWONE. I then went to synchronize and it pulls up the drive with the removable disk and shows four folders… drums, effects etc. So, I select the root : Removable Disk (J:) and it comes up with same error and suggests exporting to SD card instead.

Check that the SD card isn’t ‘locked’. Look at the card itself and make sure that little switch is away from the word ‘locked’. If that doesn’t work, try a new SD card with the backup files from our site’s downloads page to see if the issue was with the card itself or some other aspect. Let us know what happens.

It is unlocked but I have received ‘no write permission’ message once or twice. Tried it with both unlock and locked positions. No go.

Export the renamed project from BBM to SD card and then try to sync.

Will try tomorrow as I will have to buy another card first. Then I will report back. Thanks

For anyone else having this issue- Persist helped me solve my inability to synch issue. It appears 2x things were the issue. 1- I had hyphens, dashes, spaces, and underscores in my project name. I changed this by removing these characters. 2. I then realized I was the one breaking the sync because I had an old PARAM folder that contained all my footswitch and pedal settings that I was using by drag dropping manually onto the SD card after the synch. I did this because the default params/pedal prefs were being set on the pedal that did not match my many custom preferences I had set up- unless I did this. After synching, I decided to not drag and drop that PARAM folder to the SD card and rather beforehand I went to each setting menu on my pedal and wrote down what I had set up over the years. I then synched and went back to to the Pedal with the default prefs and manually reset all pedal prefs. to match. I then took the card out of the pedal and re-synced on my computer and it wrote my custom pedal prefs back to my project thus allowing me to sync.

Exporting to a new SD card worked. I linked it and it seems fine now. I formatted the old card and was able to write to it as well. For some reason the SD card got corrupted I guess and was not writable. Thanks for your help.