Synchronize Project

I have created a project using the software, exporting and importing the project on the computer no problem When I try and synchronize project from the pull down menu to save on my beat buddy, it comes up with a message,there is at least one invalid song in the project. Make sure all song parts contain a main drum loop". I had only one song in the project, and I just did it in the same manner that was described in tutorial #2 on youtube. To describe what I did, first I created a folder in the software, called unknown gig. I than went to Country drum beats and used country 5, brushes train. I exported the file and saved in on my computer, than exported it the folder I created, (unknown gig), once it was there, I tried it and it was what I wanted so than I tried synchronizing it with the beat buddy. it is than I get the error message above. Is there something I’m doing wrong or missing a step :frowning:


Hmm, every time someone has reported this, there was indeed a song which had a missing loop or an empty part. You could delete the folder and try re-synchronising or possibly just the song. If it synchronises then that song was the issue, if not you will need to go through the other songs.


Thanks for your speedy reply. I will try first deleting the song and than synchronize will let you the results again thanks

You’ll have to look through folders until you find the song with no main loop. It will likely be totally empty, caused by hitting the + Song button accidentally. Or maybe it’s a bug, but I’ve had this error at least a half dozen times.

OK, I have deleted the song, and the folder still no success. Even with no new folder the unit will not syn. I will check the folders to see what I find.

If you are still struggling, reimport project from pedal and start again.

HI. I deleted the whole program and started over again. Seems to be working OK now. I think there was something in the software as it would let me reimport project from the pedal. Thanks for your input, you have been very helpful

Hi i am also havin this problem
all my songs have main loops and have rechecked this time and time again
it will not synchronize project

please help- hav a gig tonight


If you get error message “There is at least one invalid song in the project”

Then there is at least one song without a main loopand you need to find it or start again.

See here:

You really have to go into every last folder and look at every last song, not just in the folder where you were working.

If you don’t get an error message “There is at least one invalid song in the project”, but project still doesn’t get synchronized, you may want to simply use Import - Export > Export Project to Pedal.

Yesterday, when trying to synchronize, the “synchronize” button was light gray and would not work. This was after changing out my hard drive and swapping everything over. The Manager program worked fine except for the sync and import. I finally removed, re-downloaded/installed the entire program, wiped the pedal clean and copy/pasted my saved “project” back to the pedal. Luckily, I had the files backed up. That seems to have worked. This came WAY too close to losing many hours of work. The system is Windows 7 64 (unfortunately). Exactly where do the files need to be on the hard drive in this system? What folders need to be in what folders, including drivers and registry entry values? It would be helpful to know more about the internal file structure in order to solve issues like this in the future. When the synch button was inoperative, something must have been in the wrong place because the “manager” program was not seeing the pedal although the pedal (e drive) was visible in explorer, the device mgr. indicated working properly, and appeared to be ok. I just couldn’t upload anything to it from “manager.”

Anyway, to the above poster, Simplemen18, completely deleting the files on the pedal and copy/pasting all the contents of a saved folder to the pedal does the trick. Things like this make it really important to backup, preferably to a separate drive.

I had the same issue and checked every file and did not find an invalid song in the whole list of folders, and painstakingly checked each one. I think it is bad JU-JU so I started over again and the problem went away. I did, however, find one project that had an empty file from hitting the add one song or + button and had to get rid of that song to proceed. I guess it is fun to do this, I just have to keep the right frame of mind to not throw the whole thing away and go hire a drummer.

When the Synchronize button is grayed out, it means the link to the SD card is lost. Simply use export the project to pedal to restore that link.