synchronize project...

the first time i hooked my bb up to my computer, i started the bb manager and imported the sd content to the beatmanager.
when the question: “do you want to link imported project for future synchronization?”
(can i somehow get to that option again?)
i chose not to, because i figured if i make a mistake and delete something or whatever, i get a second chance to correct my mistake, since it’s not transferred to my bb.
the plan was (is) to make edits and import songs and then when i know everything is ok, i’ll sync it to my bb, so it ends up in my pedal.
the problem is that the option to “synchronize project” is greyed out, so it’s not an option.
why is that?
how can i synchronize the project?
i guess i could choose “export folder”, but the following pop up window scares me, as it says: “there is already a project at selected destination. do you want to overwrite? (all previous files will be lost)”
i mean, i just want to export a new folder that i’ve created and that should mean that nothing gets overwritten, right?

Well, synchronization is really meant to write only your new changes to the SD card.
If you haven’t deleted anything from the BBManager project, then overwrite everything on your SD card. You won’t loose anything.
Do not also be afraid to loose any songs from shipped content. Even in the worst case, you can always download a clean project from the downloads page, import it to BBManager and then export it to pedal.

If you want to get back to “do you want to link imported project for future synchronization?”, I believe you can delete the whole BBManager project from your computer (not from SD card!) and then import project from SD card again, creating a new BBManager project in the process.

you gave me enough courage to do it and after it was done replacing all the files, that question about synchronization actually popped up again :slight_smile:
this time i chose to do it;-)