Synchronizing does nor work

when i want to synchronize i cannot hit the button.
Can somebody help me? BBMGR



Hi, Werner.

  • did it work before and if so, what are you doing differently between now and the last time it worked? Name change to your Project?
  • you can try the following:
    • make sure SD card is not locked (check slide tab on side of card)
    • in BBM, edit/change one song
    • Save Project
    • try to Synchronize
    What happens now? If still not successful, let us know.

yesterday it was working perfect. I was modifying a song and synchronized to the sd card. After this i shut down the computer and today i changed another song an wanted to synchronize but it doesnt work anymore.

  • sd card is not locked
  • changed a file
  • saved project

Problem is still here

Maybe its important?
Yesterday i imported my SD-Card to the BBMGR but everything was working fine after this

In BBM > File > Open Project and navigate to the Project on your computer.

Make a minor change, Save Project and then try to Synchronize.

no, still the same

You said “Yesterday i imported my SD-Card to the BBMGR but everything was working fine after this”

Did you import your SD card using the BBM or did you do so using Windows? If you used the BBM to import your SD card, can you tell me the steps you followed to do this?

Try this:

  • make changes to a song and save project using BBM to your BBWorkspace
  • export project from BBM to SD card
  • when prompted by BBM, Sync Project to SD card

If this did not work, it’s time to try the steps above with a new SD card.

This happens when the SD card is not linked for synchronization, which is usually done the first time you create your project as described here (@ 0:59):

Export your project to pedal via File > Export > Project to SD Card. It will ask you if you want to overwrite the current existing project, choose ‘yes’. And then when prompted to link it for future synchronization, choose ‘yes’ as well, as is shown in the above video.

Then you will be able to synchronzie the project to the SD card. Keep in mind that you can only link one SD card at a time.

Everything is okay now.

Thank you both for your help