Synchronizing SD Card Between Two Computers

I work from home at at the office. I have the BB Manager installed on both my PC’s running Win 10 64bit. At lunch time, I’d like to be able to work on song files at my work location. As I was driving in this morning it occurred to me that “synchronize” as used with BB Manager may be different from what I think it means. Is the synchronization two way? i.e. always updates either library with the most current files. If the files are newer on the SD card does it update the files in the Workspace folder of the host PC? Thanks.

It’s supposed to be bi-directional so that if you say, edit the tempo to a beat or a song on your pedal (or your office BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)), it will update your home BBM when you synchronize.

Excellent! On second thought, I could’ve tried it here at work. Worse case I’d have to create another SD card at home. I appreciate the quick reply. Thanks.

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