Synchronizing Songs/Folder To SD On Your Computer Win10

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I have downloaded content from the Premium & User files to my computer and the are in the BeatBuddy Manager now .[/SIZE]
¿ I high lighted them and I do not see the Synchronizer high light like the Import/Export do for the Premium stuff ?
Thanks to anyone who can direct me to the right tutorial or command sequence . I want these new files on mt SD card as you can guess and my inexperience is the problem in them not showing up on the SD card .

Other than this I love BB .

EZ :

The only way to get content into your BeatBuddy is through importing it using the BeatBuddy Manager software.
once it is in BBM you can save it and synchronize it with your memory card.

If synchronize is grayed out, you need to use File>Export>Project to SD Card.

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It’s just not computing here - I hit synchronize to SD Card after I high lighted one of the downloads -
¿ It just shows my SD card contents - what do I do :frowning: ?

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Although you mention that you have the content in your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), it’s not clear if you used the BBM to import the songs, folder (pbf) or drum set. Here’s a simple trouble-shooting “if-then” process:
[]If you did not import the content using your BBM, then you should follow LeeMo’s suggestion above.
]If you did import them using the BBM, then you should follow Phil Flood’s suggestion to use the BBM to export your project to your SD card and then follow the prompts for future synchronization.
Keep us posted :slight_smile:

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All Files imported and work in the BB Manager on my HP610 pc -
[SIZE=4]¿ I can’t seem to get them into the SD for the pedal to play them on ?
I will continue on with the advice posted thank you all for your courtesy :slight_smile:

EZ :
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[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]¿ Tried this - failed ?

Thanks Phil .

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A post in another [ Technical ] by Persist who gave me some tips to try as well as other
cool members on how to solve this issue was the tip from Persist to check the lock on
the SD - -

That did it and again thank you Persist and others .

EZ :