syncing 2 infinity loopers to the beatbuddy

so as the title says is it possible to sync 2 infinity loopers to the beatbuddy?

Yes, I did exctly this… You need a midi splitter(1midi in 2 Midi out. And it is more handy to use a flexible Midi controller (I use Gordius little giant, which has two Midi ins and outs and is nearly limitless in possibilities) (and unreleased BB FW 1.77 that you´ll get when contacting support, since it has Midi CC´s).

New here, and wanted to ask if the same applies to syncing my RC 300 and GP-10 with BB?

Before I buy this, I’d like to know if its easy to have it run my RC-300 Loop station for the drum sounds that I’d like to
use instead of the dumb ones the RC has?

Ok I got one from for a good price, now to mess with it.
Any tips on how to plug into my RC 300?