Syncing Beat Buddy With The New Headrush Looperboard

Is it possible to midi sync the Beat Buddy with the new Headrush Looperboard? Has anyone tried this yet ?

It may still be relatively new enough that BB users might not have tested how well the MIDI works between the two devices. Pretty expensive piece of kit.

The last review at this link does not sound encouraging.

Maybe with time, they’ll continue to make firmware improvements so that it meets user expectations.

I actually have one. I am currently using a Boss RC-300
I was just wondering if anyone has tried the Headrush with the BB already before I try it.

Why wouldn’t you just play it in to your Beatbuddy and see how it works? And let us know. Am I missing something? Quite possible BTW LOL

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I just purchased a Beatbuddy and set the midi clock on the headrush to receive and it worked fine. When I changed the tempo on the Beatbuddy the tempo changed on the headrush, as did stopping and starting I didn’t try any of Cc commands though

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Hi…it works fine together…but the commands to change the songparts doesnt work.?!..thats very sad
When the BB is connected then the serial synch mode on the headrush is not possible??