Syncing mp3 files with Beat Buddy

I currently use editable backing tracks for our band. I’m able to take out guitars, bass, keyboards, etc, and leave in the parts we need, horn sections, sax, etc, and of course, the drum track.
My question is, can I somehow sync these mp3 file with Beat Buddy so I can then put in my own drum track??

if u have a lap top with a daw …sound card and midi ins and outs.

1- load your mp 3 file into your sequencer preferably ableton or studio one pro
2- use warping to create a tempo map check it it against your click the song should sync with your click
3 - now that u have a tempo map and a click send it out via midi via your daw sound card and it will trigger any thing u want

you have to do that for every song

Thanks zeo bas, way too complicated for me. I cancelled the order.

Well, the BeatBuddy is just not there yet. There is so much potential to make it easier.

Yes, I agree. I thought there might have been a way to download the mp3 files through the software.
Maybe later on in its development.

this is not a BB issue … mp 3 is a form of audio …and audio syncs… can sync via clock after the fact so if u were writing the song with a tempo map you will be good to go …this procedure is when you are trying to sync a song out of the blue that has no tempo map…i don’t know of any machine that can sync audio with out a clock and warping…the files in BB are midi files thats why they sync the sounds are wave files…but the timing is handled by midi… i ve been doing this for over 40 years and i wish i could sync audio easy but this is the current state …some times djs
have these issues and they buy the deck to sync songs but they are being time stretched and warped …by their decks and most of the time the songs they choose have near similar tempos up or down 10 percent…