Syncing my playing with drums that come midway in the song


I have songs in my beatbuddy where the drums starts half way through the songs. I could start playing the guitar and by the time the drum comes around, my guitar playing tempo could be off and not in sync with thw drums?

Id like to know how you guys get around that?


I’ve used a couple different options for that:

  • Add a hi-hat 4 count and let it play, then transition to the “real” drums at the right time.
  • Or, Watch the tempo meter on the BB and start the song when you want the drums to come in. As long as it’s close it’ll be fine.
  • Or, if you have a midi controller like the Midi Maestro you can use the Tap Tempo function to match the tempo exactly and then start the song at the right time.

Thanks heaps

As @josborn777 mentioned, I’ll glance at the tempo on the BB and just keep in time to that. Start the BB when you’re ready to come in. You just need to keep your timing and you’ll be sweet.

I use the internal Aeros clicktrack in my inears. I have a killswitch (mute button) next to my BB, so I can bring drums in an out. Everything is synced, and BB tempo sets tempo for all units, in fact my whole pedal board. You can see this here:Song of Comfort (live looping) - YouTube

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So the aeros has a separate clicktrack. Does the aeros have a separate clicktrack output?
I want a clicktrack that only i can hear. This should help with my timing.

Does the aeros click track take up one of the aeros tracks or is it a separate thing on its own?


Love your song. That made my morning actually. I immediately grabbed my guitar because I was compelled. That’s good music imo.

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The clicktrack is its own thing and you can access its’ routing and volume in settings.

Like b0n3 says, you can route the Aeros clicktrack so that only you hear it. I have “everything else + clicktrack” going aux stereo out, and “everything else, no clicktrack” going stereo main outs.