Syncing onsong & beatbuddy via Bluetooth

Maybe this has been covered. I need a written set of instructions to sync beat buddy and onsong via Bluetooth. I have all the right connectors hooked and working properly. I have reached the point where I can move from BB to Onsong to in a given set. However, the only thing that changes is the BPM. Nothing else. I have watched the video tutorial until I’ve tired of pausing and attempting to keep up with the guy’s fingers moving from the knobs to the buttons. And, at the same time trying to watch the BB screen. I contacted BB support, explained my situation. They then sent me an email with a link to the video tutorial! C’mon guys! I’m not a geek! I’m an old time musician trying to do the best I can at my gigs! I’ve got the latest firmware also.

Does anyone have a written step by step copy of instructions on how to sync BB with Onsong via Bluetooth? A million thanks in advance!!!

Here’s what I do:
In Beat Buddy Manager, I have a folder with song titles. The song titles have the default drum beat and the bpm. Then, in on song I follow these steps:
Hold the title of the song so “midi events” appears
Press the + button
Hit Program selection
Put in a Bank number (MSB and LSB) - (Your example would be MSB = 0, LSB = 1)
Select a Program number (Your example 1)
Click Done.

Thanks, Bootsie. I’ll try it.