Syncronise BeatBuddy Songs to Aeros Songs AND easily Disarm Aeros

I use OnSong App on my iPad to select written Songs (lyrics & chords).
OnSong sends a midi message to Beat Buddy to select the same songs drum beat.
It would be advantageous if that same pre-recorded song could also be selected by that same midi message on Aeros.

AND, if there is no pre-recorded song on Aeros then I need to easily disengage Aeros so it doesn’t start playing the wrong song.


Although this was the first iteration of MIDI song select working with the BeatBuddy, since this is a batch request, let’s direct the MIDI sync disarm request here

You can also look at this discussion: MIDI command for direct song selection
As it is related and would likely be implemented at the same time as a method for opening specific songs on the Aeros using PC song selection.