Ability to disarm Aeros when synced with BB for beat audition and rehearsal

It would be fantastic to have a disarming function on the Aeros to allow for auditioning and rehearsal of the Beatbuddy’s library of beats. As it stands now, the simplest solution I’ve found requires me to unplug the MIDI sync cable from the Aeros to try the beats then connect again when I’m ready. It clunky at best and I worry a bit about the wear and tear on the MIDI socket of the Aeros.


I’ll usually go into the BB settings and disable MIDI until I’m ready… I’m worried about wear and tear on the cable as well…

I have my Aeros on a send/return loop off the back of my Line6 Helix. It’s configured as an external pedal so I just engage it when I need it. it works really well but obviously you need a Helix (which I highly recommend)

Same problem here:

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Yeah I added an “audition button” to my list of requests the other day… would be extremely helpful.

Though when the ability to have the Aeros as the midi master would solve this too which is a feature they are working on.

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