Sysex implementation docs for BeatBuddy?

Is there a sysex implementation chart for BeatBuddy?

I would like to create a “smart map” hardware mapping for Camelot Pro (an integration app primarily for keyboardists to control all their gear, somewhat like Apple Mainstage, and a hardware map describes the Midi device for Camelot so it can retrieve patch names and settings and control the device). Incidentally, Camelot Pro already supports Line6, so there are guitarists using it as well.

Is there a chart or some other documentation for BeatBuddy’s Sysex capabilities? I have already read the midi documentation, and there is no mention of any Sysex-type communications to retrieve patch names, etc.

The idea is that in Camelot Pro, much like in OnSong or BandHelper, one selects a song, and all his gear is configured and ready to go. It also supports “scenes” much like the parts of a BeatBuddy song. Unlike the other two apps, Camelot Pro retrieves the content on the device, so one may choose presets using their names.

I would appreciate receiving the Sysex documentation so I can setup this smart map and enjoy my brand new BeatBuddy (got here from Sweetwater last night!) even more.


Hey there,

Unfortunately, we do not have Sysex support to retrieve patch names etc. - only Sysex support we have is what’s mentioned in the midi documentation (clock, start, stop, time signature).