T is possible to play Beatbuddy and a loop pedal at the same time without synchronizing

It is possible to play Beatbuddy and a loop pedal at the same time without midi synchronizing?

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Yes but you would have to be pretty good at managing the instrument you’re playing, the looper and the BeatBuddy at possibly the same time while trying to remember the words to the song if you are also a singer :roll_eyes:

When I first got the BB and my looper, I did not have the MIDI Sync Adaptor to connect the two so it was a lot of fun playing guitar, tapping the BB and then starting, ending or overdubbing loops.

I do it for playing at home (wouldn’t work for performance).

I put the BB and the looper in my amp’s effect’s loop (post-effects), with the BB going into the looper which is last in the chain. Then I can record a few phrases playing along with the BB. When I’m done with the looper, turn off the BB right away and you can hear your looped track and solo along with it.

Unfortunately, this removes the best part about the BB - ability to play hits, fills, etc., as you feel. But, it works…

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Jamman solo XT has a 3 digit tempo time editor. Look it up, if you manually adjust to the same time as beatbuddy it will run at the same pace. You do have to time your first press to start it but it won’t go out of sync. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_n1a74Qzt8 ( this guy gave me the idea) Pretty cool… You don’t need all the sync stuff he made just set the times the same and you are good .The Jamman can be difficult to get used to but if you try to keep it simple it is not bad

Thanks for the reply.
I’ve heard a lot about the Jamman just xt, in fact it’s a not expensive option to make your accompaniments, but I imagine it will be useful to accompany a part of the song but do you think it can be used in several parts of a song in a concert? Maybe it’s very difficult to do it without synchronization or not? You’ve done it ?

the only option would be to record the beatbuddy drum and the other loops on the loop pedal?

Thanks for your answer, we will have to practice

whats wrong with syncing? i use a pigtronix infinity it syncs PERFECTLY with the cable, my old Boss loopers wouldnt however.

Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuA9LSJZgmI ….not very difficult just match the BPM (beats per minute)and Beatbuddy stays in time with the looper…The looper has a metronome that you can adjust the volume…It dosen’t drift out of time…dosen’t get much simpler…there is a small learning curve on the looper but there is youtube vids for that too… good luck