Talent Knob - wow!

I bought 999 of these, with instant delivery, and they arrived within minutes (SingularSound logistics are the best!)

I connected all of them in series, but only turned the knobs up to 3 or 4 (it’s a lot of knobs to be accurate on)

I presumed my electric bagpipe playing would be off the chain, but it sounds the exact same as before!

Am I out my $19,970.01?

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Mine sounds really good using the BeatBuddy (BB) Sobriety feature.

Hm… I tried using that on my firend’s beat buddy – nothing. Exactly how much beer should I drink to get that working?

Prolly at least a six-pack of malt liquor.

Okeedokey but why wazznt the monney cauauauast in the, uh ad?

annyhoo -: I done drank all dat beer, how do I reach the dials from here on the floor of the bathroom?

Wait. Did you toggle the knee-walking, commode-hugging drunk mode?

ohmygod! that was it!