Tambourine and shaker patterns

Can someone direct me to a couple files with tambourine and shaker patterns?

For instance, I find a beat I like but I want to add a tambourine into it in “beat builder” but all I end up with is either a steady Ching Ching Ching Ching or something God aweful… I then realized that there is probably a couple basic patterns that a tambourine and/or shaker will follow… Can’t imagine there are to many of them…

Even a picture so I can copy the pattern into my beat so the tambourine and shaker sounds good…

Thanks in advance

This is an example of what I’m talking about… I found a MIDI and just duplicated the “Hats” and it’s ok but isn’t a good Tambourine…

And this is two beats… 5 of those marks are all I need to duplicate a good Tambourine or shaker sound…

Thanks In advance for the help…


Man…I dont have a clue on how to do that…but i sure hope you figure it out! Ive been waiting forever for something super simple like this :slight_smile:

Hi LA Dave!
Try using the two bongos and/or the two maracas for an “up” and a “down” shake on the tambourine and shaker:

  1. Use two sets of samples
    A) A stronger, louder sample; set this to one channel with a higher midi intensity (IE: Maraca double, random 105 to 115))
    B) And a softer, quieter sample set the next channel with a lower midi intensity (IE: Maraca single, random 95 to 105)
  2. Alternate the two for the “out and back” of shakers and tambourines. Sounds a little odd in the Beat Maker but turns out stellar through the actual Beat Buddy pedal!
  3. Slow versus fast
    A) For slower, longer beats keep the intensities closer together, otherwise the quieter one will fade too far down the sonic spectrum
    B) For faster, shorter beats you can spread the intensities out as there is less dead space to fill
    That’s all the schtuff I can think of to get you started! I was a drummer until 2009 when I switched to guitar, so I should have some cred there!
    I can tell you from my time “in the back” that the Beat Buddy is by far the most useful beat tool I’ve tried (and I’ve tried them all!!) If you aren’t getting an organic, real-drummer feel from the Beat Buddy look at the setups and make sure you understand what they are all set to. (IE: The lead-in time for fills is SUPER important!)

Lastly, I built my own kits to leave the standard ones alone in case the Beat Buddy folks make changes that require those kits.
These kits required me to buy some samples that are copyrighted so I cannot post them…
If this was helpful to you, you might want to like our Facebook and YouTube (Deaf Bunnys Band); we’ve only got really old posts/videos because I couldn’t find a drummer who measured up! Those vids we all taken within 6 months of us buying those instruments! Then got too busy to post!..
Pete "PAZ"nokas

Hey my friend I purchased the World Percussion kit yesterday. BeatBuilder will not produce a shaker sound even though it has the capability of making one. It’s because the BeatBuddy uses the same midi mapping for each instrument in each drum set.

The cajon package has some cool shakers in it. Here’s the deal…so far the onloy way I can get a shaker pattern by itself was to create a .mid file from the BLUES closed hi hats in BeatBuilder and save it by itself, then select it as a main drum loop. (The BeatBuddy sees closed hi hat beats on midi map #42, which is also the same map number as the cajon shakers) So when you bring in the file as a main drum loop and change the kit to World Percussion (which I bought for $5 from the premium selection) it changes the hi hats into shakers. I’ve uploaded the file I’m using in case you decide to buy it and give it a try. Only thing is that ALL of your beats in that song will be played in cajon style beats from World Percussion.

Can firmware provide a solution for the mapping issue?