Tambourine in standard drum kit

It’s a minor thing, but it would be really great to have a tambourine sample in the standard, rock, and brushes drum kits. Obviously I can add my own sample with the manager software, but I’d like to share 60’s and early 70’s era beats I’m creating with others via the beats-posting forum topic. I could upload my samples as well, but I think it would just be easier for other players if it was just part of the standard rock kits. I don’t think it would add much to the kit-load time because you really wouldn’t need that many different velocities and you’d probably be fine with just one or two samples per velocity-group.

+1 to this request. I also would like hand claps, clavas, maracas: some basic time keeping percussion. I know we can add them ourselves, but just one more thing to do.

I agree with both these suggestions. Playing acoustic guitar requires a variety of equivalent percussion sounds; cahons in particular. There’s a lot of us doing this these days…

Perhaps all these etc could be part of a folder called “Acoustic”? This could be the basis of a live acoustic set.

Best-case scenario - would be to have all the MIDI notes (all the General MIDI instruments) covered in every drumset.
Realistically, current drumset technology has a hard limitation of 100Mb of WAV samples in total per drumset. This forces the developers to choose between overall quality of drum sounding versus the overall MIDI notes (instrument) coverage.

CharlesSpencer, what you can do now - is to upload your own hand-crafted drumset (that you play your song with), and provide link to it together with the song.

Long term, I know a much better drumset technology that can be employed to improve the instruments coverage (in a single drumset) without drastically degrading the sound of the songs played with these drumsets.

Hi Daefecator,
Is this technology something that could be implemented in the BB’s current hardware at some point in the future, or are we stuck with what we have, as good as it is, until there is a new hardware iteration?

Hello there, RustyP!
I intend to drive current hardware capabilities to its maximum via an improved algorithm of loading drumsets etc. The upgrade will be downloadable.

Hey everyone. Newish Beatbuddy user here! Just to say i also play in an acoustic act and am really after more stripped back sounds too (tambourine, shaker, kick drum etc). Was surprised the metronome ‘songs’ weren’t variable through those kinds of percussion instruments. Hopefully in the future!

Yes, it would be very cool to waive this limit of 100Mb of WAV sound samples per drumset. Unfortunately, it is not ready yet :frowning:

You could just cut back the standard kit and add those extra samples and save as a new kit.

I haven’t even looked into things like altering kits. I mean to try, but I’m more of a plug and play/ignore instructions type of a person!
Off topic, but I have changed the accent sound on the footswitch to a kick drum so I can manually stomp along to my playing. Obviously the pedal has a click for on and off which isn’t ideal for the way I use it. Just wondering if anyone else does the same and if so have the changed the switch or found a different pedal better suited to the task?