Tap and Hold - External Footswitch Buttons

I don’t see this documented anywhere but I noticed last night quite by accident while using my footswitch with the BB stopped, that a press and hold (on either button) enters the folder list. At least that’s what’s happening on mine, which is set up for left=song back, right=song advance. Press and hold and I get my folders list where the buttons will advance through the folders just as they do songs. Press and hold again to select the highlighted folder. Pretty nifty…

This got me to wondering. Is this by chance or is it programmed this way? And does the fact that a press and hold sends different commands to the pedal possible mean more options could be made available?

One thing not so nifty that I noticed. I have the right button set for Outro Fill while playing and a couple times the outro played but then the pedal resumed the main song part instead of ending :eek: I haven’t figured out what caused it, maybe a press and hold again as maybe I didn’t tap the button quickly enough?

Hands Free Folder Navigation, p.4

And there it is… Ha! Totally missed that, obviously… Hopefully these will become configurable just as the tap options are, might be a few more things to get at with the press and hold though cannot say I can think of any at the moment.