'Tap and Hold' Footswitch Request-

I’ve been enjoying using an external double momentary footswitch to control some of the Beatbuddy features such as ‘pause’ and ‘half time.’ However, I think there is un-utilized potential with the momentary aspect of the switches. The idea would fall under the “Footswitch Functions” setting to have a “Press and Hold” option in addition to “While Stopped,” “Playing,” and “Paused.” This way one could press and hold to cue double and half time, for example, and reserve the single tap settings for other functions.

Now that I’m thinking about it, it might also be nice to have a double press setting as well, just to maximize all the different ways the footswitch can be clicked.


Additional uses for these switches would be greatly appreciated if possible.
Right switch whilst playing- (single tap) Pause/Unpause
Right switch whilst playing - (Tap and hold) trigger OutroFill


Today I discovered, by accident, that if you tap and hold on either footswitch, the pedal brings up a large text folder list. You can then use the switches to scroll through your folders. Tap and hold will then selects the folder and you can do the same to scroll through the songs. Pressing the main pedal selects that song. If you tap and hold within the song list, it returns to the folder list. Tapping on the main pedal in the folder list goes into the song list (same as tap and hold on the pedal)

Nice discovery, but I agree that being able to map what tap and hold does could be useful.


Thanks Andrew for the tip, I will try it next time I have it running.

Lets hope future firmware/software updates gives up the opportunity to assigned actions.

I 1 up on this feature request. This would be a nice addition. I hope this is being considered.