tap tempo before the song starts?

Hi folks,
I don’t have my BB yet, I can’t wait!
Anyway, my question is whether you can tap tempo before starting a song. I probably do most songs around the same tempo from show to show, but often I start a song with solo guitar and so it would be nice to tap a tempo as i start, then just have the drums come in with me.
Is this possible?


Yes, this is possible.

You can either twist a knob for setting the tempo, or setup one of two external footswitches for dedicated tap tempo.

Tempo twisting always works no matter BeatBuddy is playing or is idle. Footswitch settings allows you to have two separate functions for when the song is playing or not. So you can have (like you wish) footswitch 1 to control tap tempo while idle, and let’s say pause (or an accent hit) for when it’s playing.

Yes. This feature was added at my suggestion. I explained to David last December or January that many of us will use the same setting for multiple songs at multiple tempos and would need to tap in a tempo before the song starts just like we do with a delay. They added it and I bought in.

It can also be set to do this with the built in footswitch.

Thanks guys!
I have another question sortof related.
Obviously there are settings for external pedals for when the pedal is playing, and when it is stopped.
But the BB, as I understand, can be stopped in two ways, either completely stopped, by double pressing the main footswitch and going through the outro, or paused during a beat by external foot switch.

Are the “when stopped” external button functions the same as when the pedal is “paused,” or can this open up for a third set of possible functions? :slight_smile:


Hm, your question actually gives a nice suggestion. When stopped, when playing, and when paused could definitely be an interesting set of conditions for selecting what a footswitch should do. This could possibly be added some time in the future.