Does anyone else wish for a on-screen fine tuning adjustments for the Tap Tempo / BPM? I know there is one inside when you set it up but then you have to do all that touch screen stuff, but I’d like one on the main screen where it shows the BPM before you begin recording. I find tapping the tap tempo footswitch doesn’t get where I need to be sometimes and sometimes can behave weird. Anyone else?

I propose a fine adjustment fix. Tap the tap tempo footswitch to desire BPM and say it went to 83 but you want it at 86. Then tap the play/stop all footswitch (it doesn’t do anything in this mode) and then use the scroll wheel to fine tune the BPM from 83 to 86 and then tap the play/stop all footswitch again to lock it there before beginning to record. I think that would be great! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t the TEMPO knob already do this? To start a new idea, I hit the TAP TEMPO a few times to get close and the tweak with the TEMPO knob. No touch screen required.

Not sure I understand you correctly? There is no tempo knob. There’s a tap tempo footswitch and I tap it a few times to get to a BPM I like but sometimes it’s weird. I’ll tap and it’ll go from 75 to 150 for some odd reason etc… and I can’t fine tune it. Like example above if it lands on 83 but I want 86, how do I fine tune it? Seems too fiddly.

I think you guys are talking about two different things. DrHerb is (I’m assuming) talking about the tempo knob on the BeatBuddy that when MIDI linked to the Aeros controls the tempo. The Midi Maestro (and I’m guessing other MIDI devices that control the BPM on the Aeros) has a tap tempo setting in the BB mode that also has a BPM Up (by one) and BPM Down (by one), so if you have the MM you can do what you are asking for hands free. But if you’re only talking about the Aeros as a standalone device, I don’t think you can refine the BPM as you’re asking for hands free, but I’m not in front of mine to check. Just trying to help. :man_shrugging:

EDIT: You mentioned using a tap tempo footswitch. but I don’t see where you can use tap tempo on the Aeros unless it’s paired with the MM or BB. How is your Aeros connected?

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I’m just talking about aeros looper pedal. Inside on the settings you can fine tune the BPM with a slider. However when you’re on the main “home” screen and ready to record. The left footswitch says TAP TEMPO on the screen. You tap that footswitch with foot or hands to a desired beat but it’s not always perfect and sometimes can act weird with crazy jumps between values etc… So proposing what I said above in my original post would give us some fine tuning of the BPM :slight_smile:

Okay, I looked at my Aeros and I get what you’re talking about now. I always have my BB connected to my Aeros, so with MIDI sync on, I never get the “tap tempo” footswitch option you mentioned. That’s what was throwing me off.

Yeah, it would be cool if before recording a track, and after using tap tempo, there was a way (maybe with the volume wheel) to refine the BPM if you’re not using a MIDI synch device. :+1:

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Does anyone else feel like the tap tempo is not working right with aeros looper (not connected to anything else)? Can’t be just me getting odd values / jumps. Like I could be tapping it and it’ll go from 80 to 140 just like that with the same speed of tapping the switch?

I pulled my MIDI cable so I could test out the tap tempo the way you use it, and it worked fine for me. It took about 4 taps to nail down a solid 100 BPM, and it never jumped more than +5-10 BPM while setting it. Maybe your rhythm isn’t as good as you think? Haha!! :joy: JK…seriously though, it worked fine for me, a drummer of 40+ years. :wink:

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Lol :stuck_out_tongue: or maybe something is wrong with mine because mine jumps. I’ll have to get a video of it today if I remember. All I know is it doesn’t act the same as other tap tempo things I’ve used.

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