Tap Tempo external Midi Pedal?

I’ve bought the BeatBuddy a few month ago in order to use it with my Fractal Audio AX8, especially in sync with the looper. It was a bit difficult to setup as there are some issue with the AX8 looper sync. But now I got something that is usuable for my needs.
The only thing I miss is an usuable Tap Tempo on the BB. In my setup the BB is set to send midi clock to the AX8. So that when I set the tempo (using knob) on the BB the AX8 tempo is set accordingly (in fact the AX8 is not really synced. Beats are out of sync on the 2 units but as long as the tempo values are the same the “shift” stay the same so that the looper on the AX8 stay in sync long enough; 1 hour or more).
BUT if I use Tap Tempo on the BB the internal tempo of the BB can be a float number (ie 60,62bpm, tested with a sequencer) and the AX8 does not support that, so the loop goes quickly out of sync. However the BB tempo can be set using Midi CC106 and 107. Those are rounded values. I made a small program that allows me to tap the tempo on a old PC keyboard and send the right tempo. It works well!!! But it use my laptop and I don’t want to bring it on stage only for this purpose.
So here is my question do you know some simple pedal that would allows me to tap tempo on it and send the right CC message to set it on the BB?

Might wait a little bit till the expected but not yet announced Singular Sound looper comes out to sync perfectly with the BB… :slight_smile: